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GBP Hospital’s Assistant Professor Dr Kanak Choudhury advocates for natural solutions to beat the heat with nature


By TC News Desk

Agartala, 25th April 2024:   . The Assistant Professor of the Department of Medicine at GBP Hospital Dr Kanak Choudhury shared his insights in his Facebook post on how to combat rising temperatures with the help of nature. He warned that if current trends continue, by 2050, approximately 1,000 of the world’s major cities will experience average summer temperatures exceeding 35 degrees Celsius.

He cited the example of Dhaka, the capital of our neighboring country, which suffered an 8% GDP decline in 2023 due to the unbearable heat. The professor emphasized the urgent need for action, stating, “There is no way to deal with the heat without taking nature with you.”

In response to school closures in Tripura due to heatwaves, he suggested a practical and eco-friendly activity for children. “How to spend four days? Please plant four saplings in four afternoons, take care of them for the next three years,” he proposed.

Highlighting the benefits of mature trees, he explained, “A mature tree keeps us cool by producing about 500 to 600 liters of water vapor on a hot sunny day, which is equivalent to running two AC machines continuously for twenty-four hours.” He further added that planting trees over a large area significantly increases shade, oxygen, coolness, and wind.

The professor also drew attention to the high energy consumption associated with cooling systems. “The cost of running our office, hotel, car cooling or AC machine is 29% of the total electricity consumption. In Singapore, it is about 49%!” he revealed.

His post serves as a reminder of the importance of integrating nature into our strategies to mitigate the impacts of rising global temperatures.

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