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Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Headmaster Accused of Fund Embezzlement, School Committee Demands Probe*


By  TC News Desk

Agartala: August 07. In a shocking revelation, serious allegations of corruption have surfaced against the headmaster of Bhanu Karbari Para Upper Primary School, Kushalav Chakma.

The management committee of the school, located in North Ekchari Village under Karbook subdivision, has accused the headmaster of diverting funds meant for school development projects during the financial year 2022-23.

According to the complaint received by the School Inspector, a total of Rs 2.68 lakh was allocated for various development projects at Bhanu Karbari Para Upper Primary School.

However, the headmaster, Kushalav Chakma, allegedly misused this money without informing the school management committee.

When the school’s management committee asked for an account of the allocated funds, Chakma claimed that the entire amount had already been spent. However, he failed to provide any documentation or details about how and where the money was utilized.

Last Saturday, the Karbook School Inspector, Damodar Tripura, conducted a meeting with the school management committee to investigate the matter further.

During the meeting, tensions escalated as Chakma and Kishore Debnath, the chairman of the school management committee, got into a heated argument.

Debnath accused Chakma of corruption, while the headmaster dismissed the allegations, claiming they were motivated by personal enmity.

However, the lack of proper bills and documentation raised further suspicions regarding the use of funds. The school inspector discovered that essential maintenance work, such as repairing the ceilings of various classrooms and fixing water filters, had not been carried out despite annual allocations from the school grant.

This is not the first time Kushalav Chakma has faced accusations of corruption during his tenure as a teacher. The situation has prompted the school management committee to demand a thorough investigation into the alleged misappropriation of funds by the headmaster.

In response to the mounting evidence and the school inspector’s findings, Damodar Tripura issued a warning to the headmaster, instructing him to be transparent about all future expenses and involve the school management committee in decision-making processes.

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