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Friday, December 1, 2023

Housewife’s demise sparks violent confrontation between families at GB


BY TC News Desk

Agartala, 19th September 2023 :  

In a shocking turn of events,GB Hospital became a battleground yesterday afternoon as the mysterious death of a housewife, Chandra Deb, led to a scuffle families involved. Chandra, affectionately known as Tapa, was married to Uttam Deb fifteen years ago, but her life took a tragic turn after marriage, according to her family.

Chandra’s family alleged that Uttam Deb began subjecting her to relentless torment after demanding a substantial sum of fifty thousand rupees from her in-laws. Their refusal to comply escalated the abuse, leaving Chandra’s mother and brother humiliated and rebuffed on multiple attempts to visit her.

The tragic culmination occurred on Vishwakarma Puja morning, as a bolt of lightning struck without warning, claiming Chandra’s life. Her family, arriving at GB Hospital, discovered telltale signs of strangulation on her neck and ears, leading them to believe foul play was at hand. They point fingers at Chandra’s husband, Uttam, along with his brother Gautam Deb and his wife Jaba Deb, accusing them of involvement in the untimely demise.

Chandra’s mother vows to pursue justice, asserting her intention to file a case against the accused, demanding stringent penalties for the alleged perpetrators. Meanwhile, the hospital premises witnessed a tumultuous scene as tensions ran high, with Chandra’s family confronting their in-laws in a surge of anger.

Video footage from the incident captures the intensity of the clash, shedding light on the grim circumstances surrounding Chandra Dev’s demise. Suspicion further deepened when Jaba Deb, wife of Vasur Gautam Dev, exhibited peculiar behavior when questioned about documents.

As the community awaits the outcome of a thorough police investigation, the truth behind Chandra Deb’s tragic end remains shrouded in mystery, waiting to be unveiled by the relentless pursuit of justice.

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