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Friday, April 19, 2024

Land dispute escalates into violent clash between half-brothers, leaving five injured at Dharmanagar


BY TC News Desk

Agartala, 2nd April 2024:   A longstanding land dispute between two half-brothers erupted into a violent confrontation, resulting in injuries to five individuals, including women and children. The incident took place at Dhupirbandh under Dharmanagar police station in the North Tripura district.

The conflict stems from a disagreement over the fencing of the boundary between properties owned by the two siblings. Chand Uddin, the younger brother, and his family members, including his wife and three children, bore the brunt of the altercation, with all parties sustaining visible injuries.

According to reports, Chand Uddin had purchased land adjacent to his residence approximately four years ago and had since developed an agar tree garden on the premises. However, the adjoining land, belonging to his step-elder brother, has been a subject of contention, as Chand alleges his brother’s unwarranted attempts to encroach upon his property through fencing.

Efforts to mediate the dispute through the local Panchayat had proven futile, exacerbating tensions between the two parties. Matters escalated on Monday afternoon when the elder brother, identified as Chamas Uddin, purportedly attempted to erect a bamboo fence demarcating the disputed boundary. This action led to a physical altercation, with both sides engaging in violence.

The conflict turned particularly gruesome as the altercation extended to include the wives and children of both brothers, resulting in injuries sustained from physical assaults with sticks. Amidst the chaos, the injured were rushed to Dharmanagar district hospital for medical treatment.

Notably, while the younger brother and his family sought medical attention, the whereabouts of the elder brother, Chamas Uddin, remain unknown.

In response to the incident, Chand Uddin, the younger brother, filed a formal complaint with the Dharmanagar police station against his step-elder brother, his father, sister-in-law, and daughter-in-law.

Those injured in the altercation expressed their demand for justice, emphasizing the severity of the attack and the additional theft of valuables during the confrontation. As authorities commence an investigation into the matter, the community anxiously awaits a resolution to this familial dispute turned violent clash.

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