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Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Local residents block Udaipur-Kakraban road, express frustration over neglected road conditions


BY TC News Desk

Agartala, November 18: In a display of discontent over persistent road neglect, residents of Baishnabichar Ward No. 4 in the Jamjuri Gram Panchayat area took matters into their own hands, initiating a road blockade near Palatana OTPC on the Udaipur-Kakraban road. The incident unfolded at seven in the morning on Saturday, marking a culmination of frustration regarding the dilapidated state of the road.

Despite repeated appeals to the administration and officials to address the road’s deteriorating condition, no remedial measures were taken, prompting locals to take matters into their own hands. The impassable road had effectively confined residents, creating a sense of house arrest.

In a bid to draw attention to their plight, the villagers, led by the village chief, resorted to blocking the road, staging a demonstration even after the conclusion of a local puja. The road in question, in Baishnabichar Ward No. 4, had been in disrepair for an extended period, with no visible efforts for improvement from the village panchayat chief, panchayat representatives, or the ruling party leadership for the past five years.

The situation reached a tipping point following heavy rainfall the previous day, exacerbating the road’s already precarious condition. Frustrated by the lack of action, angry villagers chose to block the Kakraban-Udaipur road on Saturday morning, prompting an exodus of villagers from the area. The road blockade persisted for an extended period as residents expressed their discontent and sought urgent attention to the long-standing issue.

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