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Manik Sarkar accuses BJP-led government of corruption and neglecting critical issues


BY TC News Desk

Agartala, July 28, 2023: Former Chief Minister and CPIM Politburo member Manik Sarkar on Friday urged people to come together, transcending political differences, to empower and safeguard the rights of the people.

In a meeting at Agartala Town Hall, organized by GMP, TYF, and TSU to unite democratic forces for the protection of rights, Politburo member Manik Sarkar emphasized the need for mobilization against Delhi’s adversaries. The changing situation in the country demands collective action to remove those working against the people’s interests. Following the state assembly elections, the Bharatiya Janata Party government suffered defeat with a voter turnout of 40 percent, he added.

Sarkar said that no government in the history of the state came to power with so few votes. But even this could not have been done if the new organization had cheated the people. And this BJP, RSS and Vishwa Hindu Parishad understand very well that if the votes of a section of the people of the Janjati section were not confused with the votes of the general section then it would not have been possible to come to power. They also accept it as their defeat. This is what Sarkar said while putting BJP and Tipra Matha in the dock.

Politburo member said it is an anti-people budget regarding the 2023-24 assembly budget. There is nothing in it for the people. When the Left Front government was ousted in 2018, the debt was Rs 12,900 crore, the debt of the current coalition government in five years is Rs 24,800 crore. But this government has not done anything for roads, electricity and water in five years. All around there is only scarcity and starvation. Even a week ago, a mother brought her child to Bishalgarh to sell and negotiated with Rs 40 to 50 thousand, he added.

Sarkar also alleged that the BJP and IPFT alliance government is not doing any work but is looting while sitting in power. Regarding Manipur, he said that the Prime Minister cannot go to Parliament when Manipur is burning. Ultimately, he criticized the opposition as bringing no confidence in the Parliament. Criticizing Prime Minister Narendra Modi, he said that he does not consider people as people, and does not consider parties as parties. Manipur is trying to end the way Kashmir ended. And there were riots in Gujarat during their rule. People are watching. The countrymen will not give up, he said.

And the member of the Politburo said in the hall meeting that the Tripura tribal area had called for a united movement to form an autonomous district council. Attempts are being made to mislead the younger generation by distorting that history. And this attempt to confuse began in the mid-60s. This movement of tribal emancipation council was a deep conspiracy to stab from behind. Betrayal was committed. Former Chief Minister of the state Manik Sarkar openly blamed the Congress for this. He said the Congress treated the tribals as number two and third citizens. Congress created a divide between tribals and non-castes. Tribal Youth Association was formed in 1967. Congress was its brainchild. A tribal youth association was formed after consultations at Rajbari.

State secretary of CPIM Jitendra Chaudhury, former chief executive member of ADC Radhacharan Debbarma, former minister Aghore Debbarma and others spoke in this convention.

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