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Teliamura farmers reap success in agriculture, Kalyani Roy solves Baisgharia bridge problem


BY TC News Desk

Agartala, 25th December 2023:   The farmers of Teliamura subdivision, notably in areas like Brahmacherra, Krishnapur, Moharcherra, and Baishgharia, continue to thrive in agriculture, meeting the persistent demand for winter and seasonal vegetables. Teliamura’s agricultural produce, including the renowned Teliamura eggplant, has historically found favour in markets across the state.

Particularly in the Baisgharia area, the demand for brinjal remains significant, prompting farmers to share insights into their recent agricultural endeavours. Despite facing occasional challenges from adverse weather conditions, farmers expressed satisfaction with this year’s crop yield, attesting to the resilience of their traditional farming practices.

Engaged in agriculture for many years, the farmers credited their success to the consistent support received from the government, encompassing essential resources such as fertilizers and seeds. Grateful for the assistance, they emphasized that their farming activities contribute not only to their livelihoods but also to meeting the diverse needs of markets within the state.

Notably, the longstanding issue of the Baishgharia Bridge, a hurdle for the farmers for years, found resolution with the concerted efforts of the Chief Whip of the State Assembly, Kalyani Saha Roy, after the establishment of the new government. This development has enabled farmers to swiftly bring their crops to market, reducing both time and costs associated with transportation.

The farmers expressed gratitude for the positive changes facilitated by the government, emphasizing the role of collaborative efforts in ensuring a prosperous future for agriculture in Teliamura.

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