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Tripura Jute Mill Workers celebrate landmark court verdict


BY TC News Desk

Agartala, October 12: In a jubilant display of relief and optimism, the workers of Tripura’s jute mills gathered at the Agartala Press Club on Thursday to celebrate a momentous court verdict. The gathering was filled with elation as the Supreme Court and the High Court reinstated a long-standing judgment, granting the workers their due salaries and allowances dating back to January 1, 1996.

Dhanumani Singh, the Secretary of Jute Mill’s Pensioners’ Welfare Society, conveyed the collective sentiment, expressing that the Supreme Court’s decision was a testament to justice prevailing. He stated, “When the highest court in the land speaks, there is no need for further words.”

Yet, beneath the celebration lay a hint of concern. The workers had endured a protracted period of financial hardship due to the government’s failure to comply with the court’s earlier rulings. This situation had fostered growing discontent within the community, which the authorities could not afford to ignore.

The Tripura Jute Mill Joint Movement Committee anticipates a brighter future. They firmly believe that the government and jute mill authorities will, in the coming days, fulfill their obligations by settling the longstanding debts and dues of the workers. The prevailing jute mill authorities and the government have no legal ground to oppose this resolution; they are obligated to settle the arrears they have accrued.

Singh emphasized that the Supreme Court’s verdict leaves no room for ambiguity and has set a clear deadline for compliance: January 2024. This decision, crucially, will positively impact 1638 workers who have long awaited their rightful compensation.

However, Singh also voiced a lingering apprehension. He warned that if the government fails to adhere to the Supreme Court’s judgment, it would be an unfortunate and deeply disheartening outcome. He questioned the potential consequences of such an act of defiance, wondering what the public would do if the government disregarded the court’s clear and just ruling.

The mood among Tripura’s jute mill workers remains one of cautious optimism, with hope that this legal victory will finally bring an end to their prolonged financial struggle and set a positive precedent for upholding the rule of law in the country.

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