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Crisis revealed: GBP Hospital in name only, lack of basic services exposed


BY TC News Desk

Agartala, October 12: In a stark revelation, GBP Hospital, touted as the state’s premier referral hospital, is facing a severe credibility crisis. The reality on the ground paints a grim picture, with inadequate services leaving patients in a dire predicament. Despite weekly press conferences held by the hospital’s doctors in air-conditioned comfort, promising improved services, the stark contrast emerges once patients actually set foot in the hospital.

From ordinary citizens to journalists, many have been compelled to extend a helping hand due to the dire state of affairs. This lamentable state of the hospital was witnessed once again as countless families seeking medical assistance left the facility on Thursday in frustration.

One such incident involved Jontu Roy, a young man from Bhalakia Tila area, who sought medical attention at the hospital. When Roy, an accident victim, was directed to the dressing room for bandaging, he encountered an appalling truth. The health workers informed him that the hospital had run out of dressing materials and he needed to purchase them from an outside store.

With no means to afford the materials, the distressed young man turned to the hospital’s trauma center, explaining his predicament to other doctors. However, even there, he was met with a cold refusal as the hospital had no dressing materials available. Doctors and health workers had no option but to turn him away.

The helpless young man found himself in a harrowing situation, unsure of how to return home with his wounds unattended. It was at this critical juncture that a journalist stepped in, purchasing the required dressing materials from an external shop and administering the necessary treatment with their own hands. Finally, the distressed young man was able to leave for home.

While this incident serves as a glaring example of the hospital’s faltering services, it remains uncertain whether these revelations will prompt a recovery in the dire state of hospital services. Nonetheless, those who have been vocally demanding improvements in the hospital’s services during press conferences may find their calls reignited as the severity of the situation becomes increasingly evident.

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