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Villagers Block Road in Srimantapur, demand alternative road


BY TC News Desk

Agartala, 12th February 2024 :   In a display of frustration and concern for their convenience, residents of Srimantapur village panchayat area blocked a key road on Monday afternoon, demanding the swift construction of an alternative route. The incident unfolded in the vicinity of the check post of the Srimantapur village panchayat area.

The cause of the unrest stems from an ongoing residential construction project undertaken by an organization in front of the Srimantapur Panchayat. As part of this initiative, an old brick soling road is being demolished for approximately 50 meters to make way for a new paved building. However, the local community insists that in tandem with the demolition, a new alternative road must be constructed to ensure seamless travel for the residents.

According to sources, the organization in charge of the construction project had initially assured the community that an alternative road would be promptly developed. Despite this assurance, no tangible progress has been made, prompting the villagers to take matters into their own hands by blocking the road.

Zainal Abedin, the public representative of the area, acknowledged the situation and expressed a commitment to resolving the matter swiftly. He affirmed that the concerns of the local residents are valid, emphasizing the need to prevent unnecessary inconvenience for the general public.

The residents clarified that their protest is not against the construction of residential buildings but underscores the urgency of creating a viable alternative route. The demand echoes the sentiment that while progress is essential, it should not come at the expense of the community’s basic amenities.

As the standoff continues, the local authorities and the organization responsible for the construction are urged to expedite the development of an alternative road, ensuring the smooth flow of traffic and addressing the pressing concerns of the villagers.

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