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Villagers blocked Dharmanagar-Bagbasa main road disrupting public life


BY TC News Desk

Agartala, December 12: The bustling Dharmanagar-Bagbasa main road witnessed a temporary paralysis of public life as villagers staged a blockade, demanding the repair of dilapidated roads in Kameshwar Gram Panchayat on Tuesday. The road closure, initiated at 10 am on Tuesday, stranded hundreds of vehicles and inconvenienced commuters for two to two and a half hours.

The blockade was orchestrated by villagers seeking urgent repairs for the deteriorating roads of Ward No. 3 and 4 in Kameshwar Gram Panchayat. Despite previous appeals by Bagbasa Assembly Constituency MLA Yadav Lal Debnath, who had blocked the road in protest five or six months back, the requested repair work had not commenced within the stipulated three-month timeframe.

Efforts to diffuse the situation were undertaken by Jubarajnagar Block BDO Mohammad Nooraj Zaman Islam and the local Dharmanagar police. However, the assurances alone were insufficient to convince the protestors to lift the blockade.

The breakthrough came when Jubarajnagar RD block engineers presented a video detailing the estimated cost of road repairs and the proposed timeline for construction. This information persuaded the blockaders to end the road closure, allowing those stranded to resume their daily activities. Nevertheless, the delay resulted in a complete loss of the first day’s work for many individuals.

Local residents expressed dissatisfaction with the perceived lack of action by MLA Yadav Lal Debnath, who had promised road repairs previously. Notably, a government cement signboard adjacent to the road project lacked clear information on the estimated cost and completion date.

The incident highlights a concerning trend of road blockades disrupting normal life as a means of demanding action on various issues, prompting authorities to address community grievances promptly.

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