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Violent Dispute Over Road Access Escalates in South Kayadepa


BY TC News Desk

Agartala, 30th March 2024:   The South Kayerdhepa area under Madhupur police station, became the scene of a violent conflict between two local families over a disputed road access. The altercation resulted in multiple injuries within a single family, including a husband, wife, and their two sons.

The dispute centers around a road adjacent to the residence of Abul Kalam Mia, a long-standing inhabitant of the area. According to documents held by the Mia family, they are the rightful owners of the land on which the road is situated. However, tensions have risen due to claims made by Naju Mia, a neighbor whose property lies behind the Mia family’s home. Naju Mia alleges that the road, which provides access to their residence, is under their ownership and has made several attempts to assert control over it.

The situation escalated recently when Shefali Akhtar, the wife and daughter-in-law of the Mia family, was reportedly assaulted by Naju Mia and associates in an attempt to occupy the road. A verbal confrontation ensued on Saturday morning between Naju Mia and Murshid Alam, Abul Kalam Mia’s son. The dispute quickly turned physical when Shefali Akhtar intervened, leading to allegations of assault and molestation by Naju Mia and an accomplice named Alamgir Mia.

In the aftermath of the incident, the Mia family has lodged a formal complaint against Naju Mia and Alamgir Mia at the Madhupur police station. The case has stirred up considerable unrest in the community, with residents eagerly awaiting the police’s response to the allegations.

The authorities are now faced with the task of de-escalating the situation and delivering justice, as the eyes of South Kayerdhepa residents remain fixed on the unfolding events.

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