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Liver diseases: Early signs that are usually ignored, prevention tips

( Consultant Gastroenterologist, Hepatologist & Advanced Therapeutic Endoscopist, Yashoda Hospitals Hyderabad) Early Signs of Liver Disease Often Overlooked: The liver performs over 500 vital functions, yet...

Symptoms of Pancreatitis

Consultant Surgical Gastroenterologist-Minimal Access Surgery, Bariatric, Metabolic & Robotic Surgery, Yashoda Hsopitals Hyderabad Pancreatitis is inflammation of pancreas where in the pancreatic enzymes ( digestive...

Spin Doctoring and Deception in Bangladesh’s Poll-Politics

As the election is near, poll politics in Bangladesh has become more intensified. From 28October, politics has taken a violent turn as the BNP...

Embracing the Spirit of Fearless and Joyous Durga Puja

Durga Puja, also known as Sharodiya Durga Puja, stands as one of the grandest andmost colorful celebrations in the Hindu calendar. This festival transcends...

Implementation of the water-sharing deal from Feni-River should be accelerated

BY   Sanjay Debnath During Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's visit to India in October 2019, a memorandum of understanding(MoU) was signed between India and Bangladesh...