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CPIM rally demands immediate relief by providing jobs, food and basic amenities in Tripura


BY TC News Desk

Agartala, 14th May 2024 :   The CPIM West Tripura District Committee led a fervent rally in the capital city on Tuesday, amplifying calls for urgent measures to address the acute shortage of jobs, food, drinking water, irrigation, and electricity plaguing the state. Commencing from the premises of the CPIM West district office at Melarmath here, the procession was led by CPIM State Secretary and MLA Jitendra Chaudhury and former MP Shankar Prasad Datta traversed through the bustling streets of Agartala city.

Large number of activists and concerned citizens joined the procession, underscoring the pressing need for immediate governmental intervention to alleviate the plight of the people. Speaking amidst the throngs of impassioned demonstrators, CPIM state secretary Jitendra Chaudhury reiterated the gravity of the situation, asserting, “There is no government in the state of Tripura. There is a dire scarcity of employment opportunities and sustenance in both the rural hinterlands and the hills.”

Highlighting the profound ramifications of the prevailing crisis, Chaudhury lamented, “Residents have endured a harrowing six-month ordeal devoid of employment opportunities, exacerbating the already precarious economic landscape. Moreover, the state grapples with an acute energy crisis, compelling citizens to endure interminable queues for meager supplies of petrol.”

Drawing attention to the glaring neglect pervading the governance apparatus, Chaudhury condemned the incumbent administration, decrying, “An anti-people regime presides over Tripura, precipitating a precipitous decline in the state’s fortunes. Over the past six years, this administration has abjectly failed to uphold its obligations to the populace, imperiling the welfare of countless citizens.”

Furthermore, Chaudhury implored authorities to address the exodus of youthful talent from the state, emphasizing the imperative of confronting the root causes driving migration. “The youth, disenchanted by the dearth of prospects, have sought refuge elsewhere, forsaking their homeland in pursuit of greener pastures. It is incumbent upon the government to engage with these communities, empathize with their struggles, and proffer tangible solutions to stem the tide of emigration,” he asserted.

Amidst mounting frustrations, Chaudhury castigated attempts to stifle dissenting voices, rebuffing efforts to curtail freedom of expression. “Efforts to muzzle dissent, such as prohibiting press conferences in Agartala, are emblematic of a regime besieged by paranoia, clinging to authoritarian tactics in a futile bid to quell dissent,” he declared defiantly.

As the rally culminated in a resounding crescendo of calls for justice and accountability, the resolute voices of the protesters reverberated through the streets of Agartala, serving as a clarion call for systemic reform and societal rejuvenation in Tripura.

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