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Family alleges doctor’s refusal for timely caesarean led to newborn’s death at IGM*


BY TC News Desk

Agartala, 13th March 2024:  In a heart-wrenching incident at IGM Hospital, the family of Surashree Sarkar Saha is accusing medical staff of gross negligence, resulting in the tragic death of her newborn child. The family claims that despite signs of distress, doctors at the hospital refused to perform a timely caesarean section, leading to the infant’s demise.

Surashree Sarkar Saha was admitted to IGM Hospital on Tuesday evening, complaining of unusual pain. Despite her distress, hospital staff assured the family that a normal delivery would take place the following morning. Throughout the night, the pregnant woman’s pain escalated, prompting her family to plead for a caesarean section. Shockingly, their requests were allegedly denied by the on-duty doctor.

As the situation intensified, the distraught family confronted the doctor, threatening to transfer Surashree to a nursing home if a caesarean was not performed. However, the doctor purportedly remained unyielding. The family describes an atmosphere of chaos and misbehavior, accusing the hospital staff, particularly the nurses, of treating them with disrespect.

Late at night, the family implored the doctors to attend to Surashree, highlighting her abnormal cries of pain. Allegedly, the nurses continued their disrespectful behavior during this critical time. Eventually, Surashree was taken to the operating theater, and shortly after, the family was informed that she had given birth. Tragically, within 15 minutes, the family was told that the newborn had passed away.

In the aftermath of the devastating loss, the grieving family contends that timely intervention could have saved the child’s life. They accuse the doctors and nurses of gross negligence and express frustration over the alleged absence of the doctor after the incident.

The family asserts that the hospital is plagued by a severe shortage of experienced doctors and condemns the misbehavior of the nursing staff. They claim that the emergency department, seemingly only on paper, does not reflect the reality of the hospital’s services.

Demanding justice, the family has called for a fair investigation by the government into the circumstances surrounding the child’s death. They also issue a stern warning to the public about seeking services at IGM Hospital, citing concerns over poor service and the alleged lack of competent medical professionals.

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