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National Anti-Narcotics Day celebrated at Kalacherra with a strong message against drug abuse


BY TC News Desk

Agartala, 26th June 2024 :  In a fervent initiative by the sub-divisional police administration, National Anti-Narcotics Day was celebrated at Gardang Class XII School in the Kalacherra area of Sabroom sub-division. The event took place at around 1 PM on Wednesday aimed to promote a drug-free nation and foster a healthier society in India.

In this programme, Sub-Divisional Administrator Shibajyoti Datta, Sub-Divisional Police Officer Nityananda Sarkar, social worker Biplab Sen, Police Officer Birajit Das and the school headmaster among others were present.

The ceremony commenced with the recitation of the Anti-Drug Pledge, setting a solemn tone for the day. Social worker Biplab Sen addressed the gathering, highlighting the severe risks associated with drug use, particularly the increased possibility of contracting HIV. “Drug abuse is not just a personal tragedy; it poses a significant health risk to society. We must be vigilant and proactive in our fight against this menace,” he emphasized.

Sub-Divisional Magistrate of Sabroom, Shibajyoti Datta captivated the audience with a poignant story of a talented young individual from the state whose life was derailed by drug addiction. “Drug addiction is a cruel thief of dreams and potential. It’s imperative for students to recognize the dangers and steer clear of this deadly disease,” Datta urged passionately.

Sub-Divisional Police Officer Nityananda Sarkar spoke extensively on the destructive nature of drug addiction, describing it as a pathway to chronic brain diseases and societal decay. “Drug addiction is one of the biggest scourges in our society. It affects not only the individual but also the community. It robs a person of their ability to make rational decisions, leading to the loss of family, friends, and even their sense of citizenship,” he stated.

Sarkar further explained how the initial curiosity and experimentation with drugs often lead to a destructive cycle. “What starts as experimentation or a pursuit of fun and curiosity can quickly escalate into a nightmare. Addicts often resort to begging, borrowing, and engaging in anti-social crimes like theft to sustain their habit,” he warned.

Sarkar advised the students to remain vigilant and abstain from drugs to prevent falling into the trap of anti-social activities. “To protect yourselves and society, it is crucial to stay away from this deadly disease. Together, we can build a drug-free community and ensure a brighter future for everyone,” he concluded, leaving the students with a powerful message of hope and responsibility.

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