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Residents block road at Bankumari Area in Longtharai Valley subdivision, demanding basic amenities


By  TC News Desk

Agartala, 20th May 2024 :   In a show of frustration and urgency, residents of nine villages in the Bankumari area of Longtharai Valley subdivision have taken to the streets blocking the Manu-Chawmanu road. Their demands center around critical issues that have plagued their communities for an extended period.

The affected villages include Ananda Roja Para, Banchandra, Arunda, Hariyamani, and Magistrate Para under Chawmanu assembly constituency. For far too long, these communities have grappled with inadequate infrastructure.

The grievances are: The absence of well-maintained roads has hindered connectivity and economic activities. Residents face difficulties in commuting, transporting goods, and accessing essential services; the scarcity of clean drinking water has become a daily battle. Families rely on distant sources, and the lack of a reliable water supply affects their health and well-being; the absence of electricity exacerbates the situation. Without power, households struggle with basic necessities, education, and livelihoods. The darkness at night poses safety risks and limits productivity; and adding to their woes, the area lacks mobile network coverage. Communication is a challenge, hindering emergency responses and connectivity.

Frustrated by years of neglect, the residents decided to take matters into their own hands. They barricaded the Manu-Chawmanu road, disrupting vehicular traffic between Manikpur and Bankumari. Hundreds of vehicles now sit stranded on both sides of the blockade.

Upon receiving news of the roadblock, administrative officials rushed to the scene. However, their promises fell short. The residents insisted that they would not lift the blockade until they received a written commitment to address their grievances.

As the standoff enters its fourth hour, tensions remain high. The protestors continue to demand urgent action from the administration. Despite their repeated appeals, no concrete steps have been taken to resolve the pressing issues.

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