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IP University organises specialized lecture on promotion of sports


 IP University hosted a specialized lecture featuring renowned sports personality and promoter, Col. Kuldeep Singh Banasthu, aimed at bolstering sports participation within campus schools and affiliated institutes.

The event, held in light of the recent introduction of a sports quota in the University, sought to inspire students to actively engage in both national and international sporting events.

Dr. Kamal Pathak, the Registrar of the University, underscored the pivotal role of sports in human life, lamenting the decline of outdoor play among today’s youth who are increasingly immersed in digital entertainment.

He emphasized the timeless wisdom encapsulated in the saying “Padhoge Likhoge to banoge nawab, khelogekoodoge to banogekharab” (Study and you’ll become a king, play and you’ll become unfit), which has now evolved into “PadhogeLikhoge to banoge nawab, khelogekoodoge to banoge super nawab” to reflect the elevated status attributed to sports participation.

Dr. Gulshan Dhamija, the University’s CoE, delved into the influence of technology on social interaction, noting how the ease of accessing information has led to a decline in face-to-face communication among the younger generation.

Colonel Banasthu, exuding charisma, captivated the audience with his commanding presence as he took center stage. With eloquence and poise, he expounded on the importance of continuous movement and its correlation with sports, discipline, and yoga. Through a blend of anecdotes and insights, he elucidated on the intrinsic connection between sports, discipline, and holistic development, emphasizing the virtues of teamwork, courage, and the integration of yoga and meditation into daily life.

The lecture served as a beacon of inspiration, urging students to embrace sports not only as a means of physical activity but also as a catalyst for personal growth and character development.

As IP University continues to champion the promotion of sports, it endeavors to cultivate a culture of athleticism and well-being among its student community.

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