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Legal Fraternity honours Sherpa Amitabh Kant for outstanding leadership in G20 success


G20 Sherpa Amitabh Kant has assured the legal fraternity that the role of lawyers will be duly acknowledged during the next G20 conference, and we will make sure that the Legal Fraternity is included.

Amitabh Kant was honoured by the Society of Indian Law Firms (SILF) in an event held in New Delhi called ‘Celebrating and Calibrating G20: The Sherpa Speaks’. He was presented with the Award for Outstanding Achiever—India 2023.

The event was organised to honour the remarkable achievements of the G20 Sherpa, Amitabh Kant, for his significant contributions in spearheading the success of the G20 in New Delhi last year.

Speaking at the occasion, Attorney General R. Venkataramani said the legal fraternity has a much greater role in shaping society and making India a vibrant economy. Once we have domestic reforms, it will snowball.

Amitabh Kant said organisations like the United Nations and the World Trade Organisation (WTO), among others, have almost collapsed. Now we are looking towards the G20 (now the G21 after including Africa) to bring about a positive change in the political arena.

Dr. Lalit Bhasin, President of SILF, said, “Under the overall leadership of Prime Minister Modi, the Sherpa Amitabh Kant took India’s G20 Presidency to the pinnacle of glory. This was an amazing exercise spread all over the country. The Heads of State of many countries and official and non-official delegates of many countries fully participated in the discussions and deliberations on diverse but common issues of interest for the welfare and development of the world community.”

“Amitabh Kant’s role has been exemplary, as Sherpa and the country as a whole are indebted to him for his significant contribution to making the G20 an astounding success,” Dr. Bhasin said.

Lauding the role of the Sherpa who led the Indian G20 team, the Attorney General of India, R Venkataramani, said, Our congratulations extend to leaders like Amitabh Kant for their contributions. The G20 signifies a departure from the hegemony of Western powers, offering a platform for diverse ideologies and legal fraternities to shape the future.

“The legal fraternity must seize the opportunities and contribute to shaping a more equitable global order,” the AG said.

India’s role in shaping the global Silk Route is pivotal, marking a significant chapter in history. The G20’s emergence is emblematic of this transformative shift, where India plays a central role, Venkataramni said.

“Considering recent global history, the G20 stands as a testament to history-making. Its significance transcends mere meetings of foreign finance ministers; it harkens back to pivotal moments such as the Bretton Woods conference of 1945, which saw the emergence of institutions like the IMF and World Bank. However, these institutions, while operating under the guise of the peaceful United Nations, were still subject to the hegemony of Western powers. In this context, the legal fraternity’s role becomes paramount,” Venkataramni said.

Amitabh Kant said, “Under Prime Minister Modi’s leadership, India takes the helm of the G20 presidency amid a backdrop of profound geopolitical shifts. The resurgence of great power conflicts, exemplified by the Russia-Ukraine war and escalating tensions in the Middle East, alongside China’s assertive regional policies, poses significant challenges for global stability and economics,” G20 Sherpa said.

“Moreover, the resurgence of protectionism and industrial policies threatens international institutions like the World Trade Organization. In the face of a global debt crisis impacting nearly 95 countries, urgent action is needed to pursue inclusive and sustainable growth strategies,” Mr. Kant said.

“As we navigate these challenges, our focus remains on achieving the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030, ensuring equitable recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, and fostering opportunities for education, healthcare, and employment worldwide,” Amitabh Kant said.

“The G20 was a big challenge for us. All the deliberations during the conference had to be compressed together and made into something agreeable to all the countries. It was very difficult to negotiate and bring all the members to a consensus. Countries like Russia, China, and the United States were adamant, but after long discussions, we could convince them and make them agree to our goals.

The G20, hosted by India, was indeed a different exercise altogether. We included the masses and made it an event representing the Global South. By including Africa, we made the G20 a G21. In this event, we emphasised the need for a woman-led economy. The UN terminology was gender diversity, but we turned it to women-led development, the Sherpa said. Multilateralism works when we conclude, as Kant emphasised.

Kant said India has brought about many reforms, but we are still struggling to get speedy justice.

To this, the Attorney General replied, India has a legal system that was borrowed from the colonial regime, which is now crumbling; we need a new system. The lengthy litigation system is no longer relevant, the AG said.

“In the ease of doing business, everyone needs “solutions.” We have to relook into the multilevel International treaties and connect the dots of the businesses domestically as well as Internationally to achieve the ease of having justice,” the AG said.

Dr. Bhasin said the success of G20 India is a milestone in India’s global standing, showcasing the nation’s capacity for international cooperation and its commitment to addressing pressing global issues. This achievement underscores India’s growing influence on the world stage and its determination to shape the future of global governance.”

Dr. Bhasin added, “The G20 event served as a platform to celebrate India’s monumental achievement in hosting the G20 Summit and to recognise the exemplary leadership of Mr. Kant.

SILF’s commitment to promoting India’s economic growth and fostering collaboration with key stakeholders was reaffirmed through this prestigious gathering. As India continues its journey towards becoming a leading global economy, initiatives such as these play a crucial role in shaping its future trajectory.”

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