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Monday, July 15, 2024

Peace not possible in atmosphere of war; India prepared to help: PM Modi on Ukraine


 Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday said he had very open and candid exchange of views on the Ukraine conflict with President Vladimir Putin even as he said that India is prepared to help in every way to help resolve the conflict.

In his remarks at the beginning of their bilateral talks, PM Modi said that he felt very reassured in hearing President Putin also speak in favour of peace.

PM Modi reiterated India’s view that talk of peace cannot be held in an atmosphere of war, and that dialogue and diplomacy are the only way forward in Ukraine.

Referring to the criticism of the West over his Moscow visit, PM Modi said:

“Our bilateral talks have been going on for many years, but this time the entire world is focused on my current visit, and is observing every facet of it closely and drawing their own conclusions.”

“You invited me to your residence last evening, and we spent 4-5 hours together and discussed many issues. Both were able to discuss Ukraine openly and heard each other’s views respectfully and understood each other’s points of view on the matter respectfully,” he said.

“During a war, or terror strikes, those who believe in humanity feel great sorrow when there is loss of life; and our heart is torn with grief at the sight of innocent children dying. We discussed this aspect too in great detail last evening,” PM Modi said of his informal talks with President Putin at the latter’s state residence last evening.

“As a friend, you have said that peace is essential; but we know that this is not possible in a state of war. It is not easy to discuss peace in an atmosphere of war. We have to take the path of dialogue and diplomacy to find an end to the crisis,” the PM said.

“I have satisfaction in the fact that we spoke in an atmosphere of great frankness and openness, and we have come out with many ideas, and a new thinking has come forward,” he said.

“Last evening, during our informal talks regarding peace, I said that India is prepared to help in every way for that, and I was very happy to hear your agreement on that. After hearing my friend President Putin speak for peace, we are very reassured,” the PM said.

Referring to the Western sanctions on Russia due to the Ukraine conflict, the PM, in a dig at the West, said: “It was a challenge to obtain fuels, but with your cooperation our Indian citizens were able to tide over the tough times. And the world has to acknowledge that the India-Russia cooperation in the field of energy helped them tide over their fuel crisis too.”

“The citizens of many countries had to face tough times due to the energy crisis, but due to our cooperation we were able to save our people from the crisis over petrol and diesel, and tackle inflation; and for this I am thankful to you,” the PM said.

“As a friend, and even publicly, you have supported Make in India. And because of this we have been able to create many avenues of employment for our youth, the results are very good and will grow even more. I am confident of this,” he said.

The PM also said that he discussed the issues of the Global South with President Putin during their discussions last evening.

In his remarks, the Russian President said that Russia and India share a privileged strategic partnership, strengthened by friendship.

There are ongoing constant contacts between Russia and India.

The trade turnover between Russia and India increased by 20% in the first quarter of 2024.

Russia and India closely cooperate on the international stage, including at the UN, BRICS, and SCO.

Putin stated that he and Modi discussed all issues in an informal setting.

Putin thanked Modi for the attention the Indian Prime Minister gave to resolving the Ukrainian crisis peacefully.

Putin invited Modi to the BRICS summit, which will be held in Kazan in the autumn.

Russian nuclear technologies enable the creation of composite materials that are successfully used, including in the military industry.

Uranium is currently the most sought-after energy resource, Putin told the Indian Prime Minister.

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