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GBP Hospital authority reluctant to release deadbody; Allegations of wrong treatment surfaced


BY TC News Desk

Agartala, July 21, 2023: The state’s premier hospital i.e. GBP Hospital, is under scrutiny after allegations of a fatal misdiagnosis have surfaced. The deceased patient has been identified as Sujit Ghosh, a resident of Dhaleshwar area in the capital city.

According to reports, Sujit’s son raised concerns about his father’s health on Friday morning when he experienced some breathing difficulties. Immediately, he was rushed to the hospital for treatment.

Upon arrival at the hospital, Sujit was examined by a doctor who administered an injection. Tragically, within half an hour, Sujit’s condition deteriorated, leading to his demise. This incident prompted his son to inquire about the medication’s name and its effects.

To his shock, the hospital staff allegedly refused to provide the necessary information. Instead, they prescribed another medicine and dismissed the family’s concerns. Subsequently, the grief-stricken son appealed to the attending doctor to disclose the previous prescription, but the doctor reportedly tore it up and threw it away, replacing it with a new prescription.

Following this incident, the devastated family brought the matter to the attention of the police, who quickly intervened and took control of the situation. The hospital authorities finally released Sujit’s body to his family.

However, Chief Minister Dr. Manik Saha has appealed for calm and urged the public to have faith in the state’s healthcare professionals. Investigations into the matter are ongoing, and the truth behind the allegations will be determined through a thorough inquiry.

This tragic incident has raised questions about the quality of healthcare services provided by the referral hospital and has left many wondering about the circumstances that led to such a catastrophic outcome. The Chief Minister’s assurance may provide some solace, but people are anxiously waiting for a comprehensive explanation and resolution to prevent similar occurrences in the future.

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