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Husband attempts murder, wife, sons escape ordeal in East Chandrapur


BY TC News Desk

Agartala, 21st March 2024:   In a harrowing incident unfolding in Ward No. 9 of East Chandrapur, a husband’s suspected intent to kill his family has sent shockwaves through the community.

Ananta Sharma, identified as the perpetrator, allegedly launched a brutal assault on his wife and sons on Wednesday night, leaving a trail of terror and tragedy in his wake.

Reports suggest that Ananta known for his excessive drinking and violent behavior, attempted to force his way into his wife Jhumpi Goswami’s residence where she lived separately with their two sons. His inebriated state fueled his aggression as he relentlessly battered the door, failing to gain entry due to its fortification. Undeterred, Sharma resorted to breaking through the kitchen door, unleashing a wave of violence upon his family.

The elder son, Anurag Sharma, bore the brunt of his father’s fury, sustaining injuries inflicted by a baton wielded by Sharma. Jumppi Goswami, the wife, also suffered wounds amidst the chaos. In a desperate bid to shield her sons from further harm, Jumppi Goswami bravely ejected them from the house, seeking refuge from the escalating violence.

Ananta an unemployed, reportedly maintained a volatile household, marked by frequent instances of abuse towards his family. In contrast, Jumppi Goswami, the sole breadwinner, tirelessly worked at the Anganwadi Center to support her family, striving to make ends meet despite the challenging circumstances. Following the traumatic ordeal, Jumpi Goswami, along with her surviving sons, sought assistance from Tripura Police to ensure their safety.

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